Cole coach at CrossFit Coveted



I have been involved with CrossFit for 8 years. I am a former athlete that was looking for an exercise program that offered a higher level of intensity and a broad range of athleticism. CrossFit not only provided the physical challenges I was looking for, but introduced a sense of community and a lifestyle that has changed my life. As a coach I love helping members try to achieve personal goals. I love being involved with each individual and watching them discover that they have the power to accomplish incredible feats.

Qualifications: NASM certification CrossFit Level 1 certification Master of Arts Psychology

Vince coach at CrossFit Coveted



Vince’s Fitness journey started at 24 Hour Fitness doing Bootcamp classes. He wanted something more challenging and discovered CrossFit in 2016. He became a CrossFit L1 Coach and enjoys sharing his passion for CrossFit with the community. He loves playing golf, basketball and is an Ironman Finisher.

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Stephanie coach at CrossFit Coveted



Ever since Stephanie was little she was shy and afraid to try sports. She always sorta did CrossFit at home but did not know it since her yard was so much fun with steep hills, a 40ft long rope hanging from her tree and random exercise equipment they would find and bring home. It took two years of convincing from a friend for Stephanie to step foot in a Box because she was scared, but once she did she was hooked!

Helping people along in their journey has become her passion in life along with rewarding them with the best hour of their day! Qualifications CrossFit L1 and L2 certifications CrossFit Powerlifting Certification CrossFit Gymnastics Programming/Training Powerlifters 2012-2018 Olympic Weightlifting Coach since 2014

Jessy coach at CrossFit Coveted



Jessy found CrossFit in 2017 as conditioning for varsity Swimming and Track. She fell in love with the sport and has since competed in the qualifier for the CrossFit Games as a teen in 2019. Jessy enjoys competing and being surrounded by the work ethic and community CrossFit Coveted has created. As a CF-L1 trainer and current athlete Jessy loves helping others safely push their comfort zones and improve their performance through CrossFit.

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Jenn B coach at CrossFit Coveted

Jenn B


Coach Jenn started CrossFit in 2014 as a way to try to lose weight. After years of doing barre workouts, she wanted something more challenging. CrossFit was exactly what she was looking for and not only did she find a workout routine she could stick with that was challenging but she also found a new way of living.

CrossFit not only improved her physical appearance but her mental wellbeing. Wanting to help others ignite this change within themselves, she completed her Level 1. Jenn’s favorite part of CrossFit is the community and lifelong friendships she’s made over the years.


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