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CrossFit Coveted is a community of parents, grandparents, professionals, students, and athletes each supporting each other. They all started where you are today. 
  • Wonderful community

    CrossFit Coveted has made my life incredibly better. It’s a place where I get stronger and healthier at a pace I’m comfortable with and an amazing community where I made new and close friends. Half the time I come here for the community and th...

    Mike S.

  • Amazing Programming

    I started out at 24hr Fitness doing CrossFit style workouts, until COVID started and I moved to my garage. I had a close friend who went to Coveted at the time and I loved seeing the support given to the members. After some convincing, I went with my frie...


  • Changed my life

    For months I tried to lose weight and get fit by working out at a global gym. I struggled as a woman to feel comfortable at the global gym cause I would feel all the guys staring at me if I went on the weightlifting floor. I finally said enough is enough ...